Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Connecting Points

Connecting Points

Having a bunch of points can be very confusing. At first sight they might make no sense but when being connected, a bigger image or message can be identified.

This happens as well very often with our thinking processes. Someone may have a collection of facts or clues, and it is necessary to relate them to be able to see the bigger message behind. The more points one have, the clearer one can see the whole message. But sometimes it happens than one see what one wants to see. Facts that will lead to answer A or B could lead to something completely different.

Connecting Points is an exploration represented on a hand size toy, of what the mere act of interconnecting dots could lead to. It is a point grid created with a Processing programm that analyzes two figures and places randomly points inside them. The points of those two figures (in this case, letters A and B) are overlap. The exploration tried to identify if a modified grid could give a influence to the result and what possible different outcomes could someone get when the relation of points between figures is different.