Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Engagement Reflections

Engagement Reflections

How does media frames reality?

Engamente Reflections is a year long project for the Class Ai Weiwei on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne.
The project is composed by investigation around the topic, an interactive installation and a publication and is part of the research called 'Me, Myself, and The Otherself'.

This event is known for being a blurry night with many concrete consequenses in which a massive sexual aggression was made in front of Colognes Cathedral presumably by a group of north african men.

With an Investigative Art approach, the project relies heavily on field research and investigation made on the consequences this night had, and the way media frames reality.

An interactive installation is presented, consisting of a mirror that reacts to the movement of a spectator, covering their face with a white light that is tracking it and anulating its reflection.

This piece explores reflecting one of the ways in which we relate with technology when consuming digital content, focusing on the frames provided by media to construct realities. As it was eventually unveiled, sites like Facebook use engagement algorithms and send micro targeted content specifically made for the profile of a person. This content is meant to be appealing for the person so that they spend more time consuming. Thus, when there is less exposition to diverse content and the frictions that come with other angles, this dynamic becomes rather affirmative and not informative; keeping us in the center of attention and constructing our perception. What happens when we stand in front of the mirror but we are not able to see us because of the spotlight that follow us?

As a complement to the exhibition, a Class Publication was made with content that showed the different findings and paths taken by the students during our field research and investigations.

This publication was named Omnium Gatherum of Journeys.

Concept and design by Berit Gwendolyn Gilma Juan Pablo García Sossa