Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Heavy Drinking

Heavy Drinking

Heavy Drinking is a Measuring Instrument. Its a Glass.

Alcohol has been a key element in human history. From the ancient greeks where Bacco and Dionysus represented wine and excess, to the symbolic Glass of Wine that Jesus always came with, alcohol is with no doubt present all over in our lives. But still today we keep asking ourselves when drinking: One too many? One too few? Which is it the right point?

Heavy Drinking is a Measuring Instrument that measures how much someone has drunk. Some people have the feeling when drinking alcohol, that the first drink is very hard, but the next one is lighter, and the next one lighter, and so on until a point it enters like water ..until you get drunk. Heavy Drinking gives you a direct haptic feedback while you drink. It makes heavier your glass (when lifting it), the more you drink.

Unlike other alcohol measure devices, here you don’t have to do anything different than drink in your glass to know how much you have drunk. You don’t need to interpret information or think about a thing, or stand in one leg; just feel how heavy is your drinking right now.

Heavy Drinking is a collection of conceptual glasses that get weights attached to them and a functional prototype that pulls the glass down with an electro magnet and varies with time (gets lighter too when someone stops drinking for a while).