Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Habanero Institute for Post Conflict

Habanero Institute for Post Conflict

How is Post Conflict Colombia going to be?

End of the year 2016, the Colombian state and FARC guerrilla group signed a peace agreement ending an internal conflict that lasted over 50 years.

Peace negotiations took place mainly in Habana, Cuba. This is still a very hot, sensitive and spicy topic in Colombia.

The Habanero Institute for Post Conflict investigates and explores responses to the coming time in Colombia. It researches different ways in which people can relate to the topics and situations we are facing by constructing the symbols and gestures that will give shape to this time. With an approach of Real Magicalism (or Design Fiction for Real), the institute explores how Speculative Design develops in the Global South in stranger than fiction situations. It builds up an archive of the memories of the future, composed by different responses that resignify current cultural expressions and are placed in Post Conflict Colombia. The institute not only explores what kind of futures we would prefer but also reorganizes the different realities we live (or might live) in.