Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Maquinario Universale

Maquinario Universale

I remember me carrying my cds and my discman everywhere. A so natural thing it was for me seems to be nowadays very rare and at some point kind of ficticious; surreal.

Maquinario Universal is a collection of illustrations that presents once high-tech formats as ficticious extinted objects.

It takes as inspiration ‘il bestiario universale del professor Revillod’ which is a book about extinted animals that many years ago reigned the world. At some point they look fantastical and mysterious which gives them a mythological feeling. Making us think, they didn’t existed at all. This Machine Bestiary was made using a rapidograph to resemble a litographic language like the one used in the original Bestiary from Revillod. It was then edited in Photoshop.