Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Mutatis Mutandis

Mutatis Mutandis

Vía Libre and La Tecnología Touch are Posters for the international exhibition Mutatis Mutandis in Bogotá, Colombia. Mutatis Mutandis is a collection of posters that reflect on the frenetic use of technology. The fourth version of the festival was held in Bogotá in 2013 after previously been in Lima, Peru (2010); Montreal, Canada (2011); San José, Costa Rica (2013)

Vía Libre // Freeway
Mankind has created objects and devices that adapt to them. But at the same time, they adapt to these devices creating new gestures, habits, rituals and landscapes that couldn't be conceived before but now seem to be innate.
This is a landscape provoked by smart-phones in which people look as if they were doing a reverence by holding their phones. This is a very common picture in Metros, Halls and Waiting Rooms where the existance of others is forgotten and when walking through, feels like walking through the Red Carpet or going through a Freeway.

La Tecnología Touch // The Touch Technology
Every year thousends of devices are launched. One property that they generally have is a tactile interface (during my studies as designer, I've seen how there's a tendency from lots of people to resolve a design problem with a tactile table). This has been undoubtly a stunning technology but it has also reduced tactile interactions to touching screens instead of touching each other as we always did before. With caresses, hits, and hugs. It is a possibility to get off the screen and take advantage of our own 'tactile sensors'. No TouchScreen but TouchSkin.

Bogotá | Colombia | 2013