Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa



And as an image transports meaning, most of the time it carries feelings as well. A great example of it are Film Posters.
I really enjoy movies (maybe as most people do) and one of the things I care the most are Film Posters.

It is a film’s presentation card and sometimes they don’t really make you feel what the movie is about. Some too obvious, others to abstract, many of the posters out there focus extremely on information and sometimes leaving aside feeling.

This is a Poster for the film ‘The Runaways’ from the director Flora Sigismondi. The movie is about the actual teen girl band which very fastly reached success and the same way they came up, they felt down and dissolve. They were very young girls, which rapidly changed who they were and then became a consuption product. Music marks remained forever.

For the process, a sensorial book was made to capture the essence of the film and then transmit it the best way in the Poster. The Poster shows a Moment in which Cherie Currie, The Runaways lead singer, is being tattooed with a Guitar Plug.