Juan Pablo García Sossa

Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa

Talento de Impresión

Talento de Impresión

Talento de Impresión is a jacket that helps you pretend you were good at Salsa, without being really dancing it.

Salsa is a huge thing in South America and there’s a big paradigm around it. Its very common to think that all Latin Americans are great dancers. But the truth is that, even for some of us, Salsa is still very complex and maybe the fact of being rised in Bogotá at 2600 mts above see level made our moves clumsy in comparison to other Colombians. That is very embarrassing.. So how could someone still enjoy Salsa without being good at it?

Talento de Impresión is a Jacket and a Stand. On the last one, you follow a basic Salsa step that is shown with LEDs that glow. While being performing this move, the user is encouraged to move randomly his arms in order to make visual compositions on a screen. This jacket has a sensor in its sleeves that recognize the movement of the arms and translates them to colorful lines. While the user is playing, trying to make interesting compositions he will look as if he really were dancing salsa.