Hoja Dormilona

Artifact Bogotá 2012

Grewing up in Colombia was quite an experience. Being sorrounded by so many type of plants and fruits was something common for me, and at some point a thing I was used to have. By being in other places it made me realize how important it was for me having plants around, and how they in someway help me understand .. When I was a kid I loved to play around with a plant we could find quite often in Colombia called ‘Mimosa Pudica’ or as I like to name it, ‘Hoja Dormilona’ (/Sleepy Leaf/). This is a plant that when its being touched, it closes its leaves as if it were sleeping.

When I started learning interactive media and designing interactions, one thing that was extreamly important to understand before code or circuits, was the input / output relationship or sensor /actuator duality. And what’s better than nature as inspiration, yet kind of a mentor, teaching this.

Hoja Dormilona Hoja Dormilona