Artifact Berlin 2014

Plants are all around me, and being on a place where there are no seasons and the landscape doesn’t change quite often, made me forget at some point that plants live, develop and change. Sometimes the complexity of plants can’t be really understood when you barely notice they’ve changed.

Vitalicus is a translation of an analog system into a digital one, that enables another point of view of the complexity of a plant and how it develops through time although we don’t, sometimes, notice it. The complexity of a vital system.

Vitalicus takes the soil temperature, the amount of light and humidity state that a plant has and translates them into a ‘heart beating’ system visualization. The system is a cluster of nodes with a background. It begins with few nodes and short lines and grows as the plant develops. The Humidity is represented through the number of nodes and the Temperature is the separation between them. Having a high temperature will disperse the nodes and low ones will concentrate them. In addition, the backgorund changes depending on the ammount of light that a plant receives, thus having a white background when receiving plenty of light and a dark one if that’s not the case.

Vitalicus Vitalicus